Having a game plan for your financial future is as important as the blue print in building your dream home. While taking the initiative to plan for the future and save money to fund your retirement goals is a great start, there are plenty of additional planning items to take a look at.

Our goal at Insure Wealth is to help plan your insurance and investment needs to best fit you, your family, or your business. Let us shop the market place for you, so you don't have to!

Your Family. Your Future.

Your family is your top priority, and doing the right thing when it comes to their future is crucial. You want to ensure that they have the financial protection they’ll need if you or your spouse become disabled, seriously ill, or pass away. Our team helps to determine the right coverage that best suit your needs. Our wide range of innovative insurance products are supported by the most effective value-added services on the market today and backed by the strength of Canada’s leading life insurance companies.

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Disability Insurance:

Are you self-employed? An employee? We have options for you. We offer a wide-range of disability insurance coverage designed to help address your needs and protect your ability to earn income—something that could be jeopardized the second a disability strikes.

Business Products:

For business owners who are well-established, have corporate funds to invest, and are beginning to think about how they will retire.

As a business owner, you want to protect both your independence and profitability. We offer several types of insurance for business owners to reimburse certain business expenses, help facilitate a buy-sell agreement, or help hire a replacement for a disabled employee. We want to make sure that even if you cannot work, your business can still run.

Personal Products:

Most employee benefits do not have comprehensive coverage for disability, or may have shorter benefit periods. Those who are employed can top-up their disability coverage they may already have.

What is the probability you’ll need to make a disability claim in your lifetime? Check out the link below to see your personalized statistic: http://www.insureright.ca/what-is-your-risk/

Did you know that 1 in 3 people will be disabled for 90 days or longer at least once before age 65. The average length of disability that lasts over 90 days is 2.9 years.

Life Insurance:

Life Insurance creates financial security for you and your family by providing funds to pay for final expenses and debts, leaving income for your family to maintain their standard of living, or even donating funds to your favorite charity.

Life Insurance isn’t just useful for final expenses. While you’re still living, some Life Insurance policies can build tax-advantaged savings that you can draw upon as needed for personal, business, or retirement use.

Types of Life Insurance:

  • Term Insurance: well-suited to meet short-term protection (ex/ a mortgage) for the lowest initial cost. This coverage does a good job of meeting immediate needs, and gives you the opportunity to later move or convert to permanent insurance without providing proof of health.
  • Universal Life (a type of Permanent Insurance): Universal Life insurance provides permanent coverage with a tax-advantaged investment component. Cash value accumulates, which can be used to pay part, or all of, the cost your insurance, income for emergencies, income for retirement, or estate planning needs. Since your policy grows on a tax-advantaged basis, the insurance proceeds paid to your beneficiary upon death are tax-free and may include the total account value you’ve been accumulating over the years.
  • Whole Life (a type of Permanent Insurance): Whole Life insurance combines permanent protection with tax-advantaged savings component, giving you the opportunity to receive policy-holder dividends.

Extended Health & Dental:

Enhanced healthcare plans help to protect you against unexpected health and dental expenses, as well as routine care (dental, vision) that is not covered by provincial healthcare.

Your Financial Future's In Good Hands

Our goal at Insure Wealth is to help your insurance and investment needs to best fit you, your family, or your business.